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We value education at Diversified Appraisals. The certifications of our team members are a testament to our commitment to our profession. These diverse approvals from the top organizations in our industry are more than pieces of paper to hang on the wall, they symbolize a dedication to providing outstanding appraisal services.

Norvin Green

Certified General: CG0137
NAMA Board of Directors NE AR. 8 years
15 years experience as a licensed appraiser
MSA     Master Senior Appraiser
MRA     Master Residential Appraiser
MFLA     Master Farm and Land Appraiser
Equalization Board Member - Sharp county property tax review
Registered FHA Appraiser

Jonathon L. Green, IFA

State Certified Residential - Nevada 03661
State Certified Residential - Colorado CR01324375
10 years experience
Member of The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers
FHA Approved

Jason Fuller

State License: SL1563
Over 3 years experience
National Association of Master Appraisers
MRA     Master Residential Appraiser
Associates Degree Business Information Technology
Registered FHA Appraiser

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